How Aneja & Aneja can help you in protecting your Intellectual Capital?

Intellectual property protection is quite indispensable to nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity. Unless legally protected, businesses and individuals face crippling impediments in cashing in on their inventions and in the long run, research and development take a back seat. As creators are not fully compensated for their inventions, socio-cultural as well as economic vitality and exuberance are greatly undermined.

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Protection of Industrial Designs in India

India enacted the Designs Act in 2000 and corresponding Designs Rules, 2001 to protect new or original designs applicable to a particular article to be manufactured by an industrial process or means. The Design Rules, further, underwent two amendments, first in 2008 and again in 2014 that created a new category of applicant as a small entity in addition to a natural person.

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Domain Names : How to protect your business identity?

The internet has emerged as an indispensable medium used by businesses as well as individuals alike. It has been embraced by the commercial sector as an exciting tool of reaching out to customers, branding and marketing. In the present scenario, it is important for every business to have its distinct identity online through a unique domain name.

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